Mar 032013

leatherette purse with studded cross design, double handle, outside pockets, and 3 interior compartments


This unique purse not only features an attractive studded cross
but also has 4 exterior pockets and 3 internal compartments!
Approximately 15 inches wide and 9 1/2 inches tall, without handles
Available in 3 colors for $50 each at Western By Design




  2 Responses to “Studded Cross Purse”

  1. how do you order this purse an how much

    • Sorry, Gayle. Looks like this site went offline. You can google “cross purse” and look either under the shopping section — or look through the pics (images).

      NOTE: I add & keep cross pics for their own sake, even if the item itself is not available for purchase. This allows for creatives like myself to get ideas for craft projects and such, just by scanning through the pics. 😀

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